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Ascended Master Etheric Retreats

The Egyptian Healer

The Program includes LUXOR Light Level One and is designed to reconnect with the Essene Therapueti of Ancient Egypt.

This is a very powerful way to partake of both your journey into Egypt and the beginning of your journey of Ascension with the LUXOR Light Ascension Frequencies. The Initiation Meditations are a powerful healing process that enable one to begin working on building or strengthening their own personal Pyramid. The foundations of Ascension must be strong and powerful in order to be able to continue to anchor the Higher Frequencies. There are Three Levels to the LUXOR Light Ascension Program that gradually take you on a journey through the Dimensions to the 24th Dimension in order to strengthen your ability to ascend higher into the Infinite Realms of Source. How exciting that you should be able to do this while in Egypt and how fitting to be able to work with Ascended Master Serapis/Osiris on this project.

You the Initiate

When the Initiate is able to fully activate the Fifth Dimensional aspects of the Chakras that is a natural process of this Healing/Initiation program you will become balanced in your Masculine and Feminine aspects of self in readiness for the Sixth Dimension. The exciting thing is that you will not only reinforce your own balanced Masculine and Feminine but you will also assist in facilitating this process for Egypt as well. If you stay true the the LUXOR Light mission you will become a carrier of this frequency and then be able to anchor this Ascension Frequency into the Earth and your energy will touch all those you come into contact with wherever you travel and so begins your part in assisting Humanity in the Return to Full Consciousness.

I will be your support always, assisting you to understand the journey and the LUXOR Light Process. Unlike other programs you will always have the choice to continue with LUXOR Light and the support I offer is always here.


Day 1 Pick Up From Cairo Airport and taken to your Hotel

Day 2 Pyramids and Sakkara

Day 3 Alexandria – visit ancient scripts library and catacombs (lunch at seafood restaurant)

Day 4 Visit El Fayoum – place of the Essene Therapeutics stay overnight

Day 5 Go to el Armana – Akhenaton’s City

Day 6 Onward by car to Luxor (optional desert oasis visits)

Day 7 Morning free in Luxor, afternoon Sunset on motor boat then evening visit to Luxor Temple

Day 8 Tour of West Bank, Valley of Kings

Day 9 Karnak Temple (From West Bank, go by motor boat) Evening Felucca on Nile

Day 10 Day trip to Dendarah and Abydos

Day 11 Relax and unwind and enjoy Luxor, go for donkey ride around the village or Camel trek into the Desert to the Back of the Valley of the Queens.

Day 12 Fly Home


More information regarding the purpose and mission and recorded activaitons for this journey will be given when full application has been receive.

You can Contact ChristinA on [email protected]

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