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Ascended Master Etheric Retreats

Spiritual Workshops

LUXOR Light Healing Practitioner Levels 1-2

Posted by luxorlight on December 15, 2010 at 3:20 AM

Once a Year - Contact ChristinA for next date

Open to those who have completed LUXOR Light Ascension Program Levels 1-3

Become a fully Qualified LUXOR Light Practitioner

Learn to read the Energy Body, measure frequency Balance and align Chakras to the Higher Realms

Cleanse and clear through all bodies, all dimensions, all lifetimes and all realities

Align with the Mighty I Am Presence

Higher Frequency Alignments,

Advanced Distance Energy Healing and Analysis Reports

Investment $444

Location : Luxor

Ametron Truth Ascension Workshop

Posted by luxorlight on December 15, 2010 at 3:05 AM 

A LUXOR Light Acceleration

“Opening to the Sounds of Light”

Awakening the Sounds of Light once known as the Ancient Solteggio Frequencies.

This workshop will assist you in becoming a clear channel for

the Sounds of Light to lift you into the higher spheres of awakening and for becoming

an efficient "Ametron Truth Sounds of Light Practitioner".

Encompassing and understanding of the beginning and end of times, focusing on the Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt and recognising the parallels of our end times -

the Amen Stage of Consciousness now as we move forth into the new era and the Dawn of Kephra We will discuss the five stages of consciousness in relation to Ancient Egypt,

and our five stages of consciousness in our human development, linking it with the Tree of Life and the gateways of consciousness.

Understanding and utilising the Sounds of Light for: Connecting with the animal and plant kingdoms and becoming at one with nature Healing all levels throughout the Subtle Bodies Restranding of DNA in relation to holding full consciousness Karmic record clearing Akashic Record clearing Clearing and accessing Galactic Body Level Healing to Core Soul Level

Practical Experience

(working as both practitioner and client)

7 Day Intensive $550

Visits to Sacred Sites and accommodation extra

Location : Luxor, Egypt

Facilitator: ChristinA (Ametron) Founder of LUXOR Light Ascension Programme