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Ascended Master Etheric Retreats

The Soul of Egypt

Including LUXOR Light Level One

In this program we include a journey on the Nile to Align you with the Soul of Egypt. The Nile is the only river in the world that flows in the opposite direction to all other rivers. This means Egypt is fed and nurtured by the Mother/Goddess as she directs her love in the direction of the Pyramids sending the feminine back to unite with the Father/God in readiness for attaining full consciousness. Her tears flowing back in a continual yearning for reuniting with her twin Soul. It begins with the Base Chakra and the Goddess Isis herself in Aswan and completes at the Nile Delta where it flows into the Meditteranean Sea. If the Nile represents our spine we can follow the chakra points of Egypt by following the current of the Nile. The Path of awakening lies in the path of the spine/chakras to which she - the Goddess has been working so hard on the cleansing process through her Beloved Egypt for thousands of years. Now at this time of awakening those Lightworkers who already anchor the Fifth Dimensional Level of consciousness travel in the opposite direction from North to South reuniting the Father/God energy with the Mother/Goddess. In so doing we anchor the Higher Frequencies of Light into the Base Chakra of Egypt to enable her to shift from the Third Dimension and Fourth Dimensions in order to activate the process of awakening in the climb up the ladder of consciousness to arrive in the Fifth Dimension.

LUXOR Light holds origins with the Religion of Osiris in Atlantis and Now anchors the Feminine energy of Sirius (Isis) bringing the balanced aspect for God/Goddess, Alpha and Omega. It is a complex mission simplified with this amazingly powerful program.

The Purpose of including LUXOR Light Level One makes this an even more powerful process so if you feel drawn to be are a part of this LUXOR Light mission please contact me for more details [email protected]

Your Itinerary

Day 1

Pick Up from Cairo Airport taken to hotel

Day 2

Pyramids and Sakkara

Day 3

Fly to Luxor, afternoon Sunset on Felucca then evening visit to Luxor Temple

Day 4

Tour of West Bank and Valley of Kings and Queens

Day 5

Karnak Temple- (If staying on West Bank, go by motor boat)

Day 6

Begin journey on Nile and sail the Nile in a traditional Luxury Dahabieh. Esna Temple and board the Dahabieh for lunch then begin to sail

Day 7

Arrive Edfu Temple ? Temple of Horus

Day 8

Gebel el Silsila and the Temple of Horemhed

Day 9

The Temple at Kom Ombo dedicated to the two gods Sobek and Ra Horakhty.

Day 10

Arrive in Aswan and take a motor boat to the Island of Philae to visit the Temple of Isis and then drive back to Luxor

Day 11

Optional Extension to stay overnight in Aswan and on to Abu Simbel the next morning then fly back to Luxor.

Day 12

Day to relax and unwind and enjoy Luxor, go for donkey ride around the village or Camel trek into the Desert to the Back of the Valley of the Queens.

Day 13

Fly Home

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