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Ascended Master Etheric Retreats

Our Rates

Camels and Horses

Sunset rides to the Desert 5-6 hours

20 Egyptian Pound per hour


Donkey rides through the village 5-6 hours

15 Egyptian Pound per hour

Cars and Mini buses

Car to or from the airport

Valley of the Kings/Queen Hatshepsut/Medinat Habu (car) above, by mini bus

Dendara and Abydos Return

Aswan Return


Abu Simbel

Assuit - Day trip to include Tel el Armana by car

Assuit by mini bus

Motor Bike Hire per hour

Motor Bike Per day

100 Egyptian Pound

100 Egyptian Pound (car)

150 Egyptian Pound (mini bus)

450 Egyptian Pound

550 Egyptian Pound

550 Egyptian Pound

1000 Egyptian Pound

550 Egyptian Pound

750 Egyptian Pound

65 Egyptian Pound

350 Egyptian Pound 

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These are our standard rates, totally seperate from meditation tours or tours lead by myself. If you wish to have a tour designed for you and lead by myself, (LUXOR Light ChristinA) contact me for rates per individual or groups. To receive these rates please contact me by Phone: +201512461646 or Email: [email protected]

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