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Ascended Master Etheric Retreats

2020 Etheric Temple of Resurrection, Jerusalem

We begin as soon as all positions are filled and then preparation 14 weeks before the trip. Each week you will work with one of the Keys that are given to me for preparation of this pilgrimage into the Holy Land. Because we each have a different belief and understanding and connection to the Holy Land, I am not here to teach you anything, rather I open to the Truth and bring through the wisdom energies that comes from the Divine for this particular purpose. In this way, we are not allowing the ego to be involved and we step aside so that we as individuals and yet as a group can receive for our highest potential. We honour each and every person’s understanding of what this pilgrimage means to them and allow the energies to be our guide.

This pilgrimage is a journey within to the depths of our Soul. We place our feet on the once trodden soil and stones in a land that many of us have been before in another time. This is the Holiest City in the World and Holy to so many different religions. This is a place where Unity Consciousness can take place. This very Sacred land holds the Keys to so much and if you allow yourself to step aside from your ego, you really will allow yourself to die to that part of you we call the ego. This is the first station of the Cross. Step by step and day by day you will feel your own self shedding more and more layers as you move through processes of falling and meeting and home coming and collecting pieces of your own soul that you left behind many lifetimes ago. You will piece yourself together and be immersed in the energies of the resurrection so you can continue your walk of ascension.

Each day we will gather somewhere along the way to meditate and receive the Keys and Codes and Light Messages that are appropriate for our group. We will wander the Old City to the many Very Sacred Sites. We will work as a team choosing our path as a group working in Unity, step by step allowing the mystery to unfold. We will have a starting place, not yet decided and from there the pilgrimage will unfold.

The fee for me will be $1200AUD per person and all other costs will be your own responsibility. This way if you chose you do not wish to visit sites on a particular day, because you need to rest or integrate, then you are free to do so. You can choose your own accommodation within the Old City Walls and we will have a gathering place to meet and start each day. At each site we will gather as a group in quiet meditation/contemplation/prayer and then be free to wander at your leisure meeting at the entrance point of the site ready to move to the next location.

We will have maps and we are going to be walking most of the time and exploring. We will not have a guide for the simple reason that we need to take this in and we do not need stories, we need to “connect”. So, it will be a mystery tour and each of us will be helping to find each site. It will be fun and lots of laughter I’m sure as we take a few turns that may appear wrong, but in essence will lead us to something we did not expect to find. We will walk in silence a lot as we connect and honour each person as they choose to talk or be silent.

At the close of each day, we will have a sharing over dinner or coffee and then we will go to our rooms to rest and integrate ready for the next day of wonder to begin.

Our journey will be 9 days, 7 of those exploring and representing our climb through the chakras. If you choose to continue on longer after that is up to you, our group will connect from March 1 – March 9… this is estimated at the moment, so don’t book yet.

This is a draft and will be changed, so only use it as a rough guide to get you excited and allow the journey to begin. The moment you say yes, the process will begin.

We will spend most of our time perusing the Old City, this means costs will be at a very minimum, often no cost at all except on the legs 😉 then when we have exhausted the Old City, we will look at day trips to other places such as Qmran. Dead Sea, River Jordan and so on. Between now and then, we can gather on Zoom for meetings to prepare and build the momentum. Start getting fit now 😉

$1200AUD includes

  • 14 Stations of the Cross, Light Codes (value $770) you will receive these as soon as I have been given them and after you have paid your deposit, so you can start working with them.
  • Meditations at every meeting prior to leaving.
  • “Me” and all I will be offering, which I’m still being guided towards.
  • Other stuff not known to me yet.
  • Where we can we will be sharing costs ie; transport if possible.
  • Think about sharing accommodation to lighten your costs. Be strict and honour each other’s space.

You will need

  • Journal
  • Hat, sunscreen, scarf, comfy clothes (see below) and good walking shoes.
  • Swimwear if you choose to take a bop in the Dead Sea.


  • There will be times when you need to be careful with what you wear. For the most part you can dress as you like, but this is the Holy Land and you are expected to dress in a respectful manner. Last time I went, a man was whacked with a stick by a priest because he was wearing shorts and you could see his legs and was not allowed to enter the site of Jesus Tomb in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Women were turned away if you could see their ankles and feet. On this particular day, I suggest wearing loose ankle length pants or a long skirt with tights and covered shoes. Always have a scarf with you to cover shoulders and at times head. Play it safe is always the best measure. Linda and I chose not to go in that day, lest he whacked us. It was a bit scary!

Deposit $500 (non-refundable) to secure your place, so you don’t miss out….

This trip is open only to those who have completed all Levels of the LUXOR Light Ascension Program and Levels 1 and 2 of the LUXOR Light Healing Practitioner

first in first served.

This is a draft/guide and will be added to as I receive more guidance.