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Ascended Master Etheric Retreats

Why LUXOR Light

Egypt is a very powerful and ancient place and LUXOR Light anchors the energies that are held above Luxor from the Ascension Temple of Lord Serapis Bey. The frequency of LUXOR Light is directly linked with Lord Serapis Bey who is the Ascended Master that resides in the Ascension Temple in the Etheric above the Temple of Luxor. Lord Serapis Bey is the Teacher and Master that guides us through the ascension from the 3rd and 4th dimensions so we may enter the Fifth Dimension of the New World. LUXOR Light is the anchoring frequency of this purpose and my role (ChristinA Ritchie) in this was to anchor this frequency to the Earth and in 2004 the LUXOR Light ascension frequency was birthed through my body and I developed a way to transfer the energies to others. This is a very powerful healing frequency of the Highest Order and while the Frequency lives in the Etheric above the Temple of Luxor, it is not yet grounded into Egypt. This process of anchoring it into Egypt began in 2006 when LUXOR Light began the first journeys into Egypt. However, there are many who are to be involved in this process as each have played a role in Egypt in the past since the fall of Atlantis.

LUXOR Light Egypt Itineraries

All Tours include a Choice of:

Meditations/Personalised Recorded Keys of Ascension.

LUXOR Light Ascension Level One or,

Ka Body Training or Booster Healing Sessions

When choosing to align with these LUXOR Light Ascension Programs into Egypt you begin a significant mission process.

You not only benefit from aligning to the Energies of Egypt while accepting your own personal ascension codes and healing, but you also play a significant role in assisting Egypt in raising consciousness. As a Lightworker, you step up and offer yourself in service to share the codes you personally receive and play your role in anchoring healing for Egypt at the same time. Egypt needs Lightworkers to assist her to raise up out of the Third and Fourth Dimensions and align with the Fifth Dimension of the Fifth World that we are entering after the December Solstice 2012. For all those who are consciously on the Ascension Path, it is no longer about personal agendas, but about taking responsibility for our part in the world.

Stepping the Light Codes

A visit to Egypt will allow you to pick up codes that you left behind in times past and if you carry the LUXOR Light frequency you will activate these codes once again in order to play your role in returning Egypt to full consciousness. This is not the role of any one person. Once your codes and the frequency of LUXOR Light have re-united you will carry those codes to wherever you travel and through the process of LUXOR Light, anchor those codes in other areas of the world and play your part in bringing the return of Full Consciousness back to Humanity. If you feel strongly that you are to play a part in this then I strongly urge you to take part in the LUXOR Light Ascension Program and become a LUXOR Light Frequency holder.


We have three options for Accommodation.

1. LUXOR Light Retreat Centre or

2. If the Retreat Centre is not what you are looking for, we can assist you with other accommodation either in private apartments

3. or in a recommended Hotel.

Recent Photos

ChristinA Ritche

Founder LUXOR Light Ascension

ChristinA is awakened to her Christ Self and is an Earthly expression of Ascended Master Serapis. She is an open channel for the wisdom and power of the Masters of that lineage. ChristinA passes on the Divine wisdom through her voice and the power through her presence via a system that enables you to dive deep into the heart and awaken you to your Christed Self. All ChristinA's programs give you the opportunity to connect with your Highest aspect of Self. Programs available at the

LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension in Luxor, Egypt

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