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Ascended Master Etheric Retreats

LUXOR Light ChristinA

Getting to Know ChristinA

In 2006 I decided to get a life! I already had a very full life being single mother of 3 and having developed a rapidly growing Healing Technique called LUXOR Light Ascension, but something else was calling me and my travel began. Previously I had only traveled to Bali and New Zealand but 2006 began an amazing journey that will never stop ...

I began to travel but not with tour groups, I began to travel alone, on a budget and in a way that would immerse me into other cultures and into the full experience. This has given me the experience needed to guide others and to take all the hassle away and yet still give people an intimate and authentic experience. That really is my specialty, I like to give you the authentic experience.

I traveled as a middle aged back packer so I could really experience each place I visited.

And, so I have since traveled to

Egypt, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Greece/Crete, Cyprus and next up is India.

I've travelled to Israel 4 times and twice I took a group. But, my specialty is Egypt in particular having been 16 times so far and every time I have taken groups on tours either on the Nile on a traditional Egyptian yacht or to the Pyramids or to climb Mt Sinai, to visit the Valley of the Kings, I taken groups on desert tours and to almost all the temples in Egypt and many lesser known places. I love to visit places that tourists don't often go and because I have spent so much time in Egypt I have so many awesome Egyptian friends and colleagues to help me.

Egypt is fun, safe and so full of magic!

I have lived in Egypt for periods of up to 4 months at a time and was resident there during the first Egyptian Revolution in 2011. I am really very Egypt savvy and if you are looking for an experienced person to help you see the "real" Egypt, then I can really give you that. I am accepted and recognised by the local Healing and Holy Men of the Sufi tradition and I love to take my groups and individuals to experience the cultural aspects that are not offered in your usual tour situation. I am accepted as an Egyptian and Egyptians are the most friendly people I have ever met. They have have an "Egyptian hospitality" reputation that is second to none that I know of. They look after you nothing ever seems to be too much trouble.

At present I am building a Healing Temple and Meditation Retreat on the West Bank of Luxor not far from the Valley of the Kings and overlooking the magnificent Thebes mountain and Thoth Hill, so I have so many bits of me invested in Egypt and just love to share it with others.

I would simply LOVE to share Egypt with you so please connect with me and let's get started!

Infinite Blessings to you


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