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Ascended Master Etheric Retreats

11 11 11 Portal of Peace

Last years tour to Egypt for the 10.10.10 celebration was a great success and so this year we are set again and I have been guided for this years Awakening Portal of the 11.11.11 Opportunity to be Uniquely ours celebrated with Sunrise at the Temple of the Sun at Abu Garab.

The Sound Keys of Ascension through ChristinA awakening lost knowledge from Ancient Atlantis and Ancient Sumeria will be incorporated into this program allowing an intense and highly advanced level of initiation available to those who take part.

With Ancient Wisdom Keeper Amro Karamwe access special permission to camp in the desert overnight and celebrate with a Bedouin style meal by the camp fire under the moonlight with the amazing Egyptian skies sharing their mysteries with us until we rise at early morning just before 3:00 am when Amro says the Paradise is open and we are closer to God and the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt (Masters) and their wisdoms are bestowed upon us. We walk in silence in honour of the majesty of what we are about to experience when we meditate until sunrise at the Temple of the Sun.

The Temple of the Sun is closed to the general public but we have special permission to access this most extraordinary place that is known as "The Place of the Gods" a "Star Gate or Portal" for raising consciousness. Also known as "Place of Osiris", the Egyptian god of resurrection, the purpose we are guided to do is assist in raising the consciousness in preparation for 2012 and the Fifth World. Interestingly, Egyptologists claim it was created at the time of the Fifth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom Period around 2400 BC.

Amro will lead us over to a large square platform made of alabaster (Egyptian crystal) that sits in front of the mound where there was once a great obelisk. In the shape of the Khemetian (ancient Egyptian) symbol Hotep which is thought to mean "peace" we will take part in a ceremony of Unity Consciousness coming to the masses as we meditate until sunrise in order to align ourselves with the immense light that will pour through this Portal of Peace.

The Temple is said to have been built by the Pharaoh Niussere in the fifth Dynasty to worship the sun god Ra. Through the process of this ceremonial meditation and the Sound Keys through ChristinA, we will be filled with the life giving rays of the sun and as the 7 Rays of God radiate through our chakras we will each feel the reconnection with the Soul and activate the Vesica Piscis; the most important component of Sacred Geometry.

After sunrise we will return to our hotel for breakfast and to freshen up and then filled with a new found boost of energy gifted to you through the star gates of the Temple of the Sun (and believe me you will be absolutely powering) we will enter into the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Cheops on the Giza Plateau to activate the sound Keys of Peace within the chamber so that all who pass through are blessed with the the Codes of Peace ready to enter into 2012.

Following this we will visit some of the lesser visited Pyramids that still hold the energies of old worlds.

An amazing opportunity!

Investment $220AUD complete program


  • 7 Rays Alchemy Consciousness 15ml bottle (value $14)
  • Return transport to Temple of the Sun and Giza Pyramids
  • Entrance Fees
  • Evening meal in Desert
  • Entrance Fees onto Giza Plateau
  • Entrance Fees into Kings Chamber
  • Not including
  • Entrance Fees into optional Pyramids
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Tips

There will be further optional Ascension tours available following this day  

Amro is the nephew of Abd'El Hakim Awyan, Ancient Wisdom Keeper of ancient Khemet. Since a small boy, Amro says his uncle taught him what he could because he noticed that Amro was "different" and always encouraged him to give more than to receive. Amro's generous nature gives us the opportunity to experience a site that very few have the opportunity to do so. Living at the foot of Giza pyramid Amro spends most of his time in the archeological sites on Giza Plateau or sleeping at his favourite place - the Temple of the Sun. When conversing with Amro you will sometimes notice his eyes lifting upward. I have asked him about this thinking that he must be "seeing" around me as we talk. In his words he says it happened to him in his mothers belly before he was born and that he always "looks to his God".

He obviously receives Divine messages that he says if he is off track with something his eyes are lifted up and he is re-directed. He also says when someone leaves the room, he knows what they are thinking. These natural gifts and his gentle energy and great sense of humour make Amro the perfect guide for our groups while in Cairo.

Contact ChristinA to register your place for the 11.11.11 Portal to Peace Program. 

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